Grown Man Beard Grooming

Five things you need to know when starting on your beard journey

2016 study by the University of Queensland, Australia, declared that beards signal age, status and dominance. They are also a sign of discipline and determination, as it takes a lot to maintain them.

When you grow a beard, the chances are you’re thinking Donald Glover, not Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. But growing a beard presents challenges for all men, especially black men, who usually have a coarse and curly hair texture, and sometimes experience slower hair growth.

Here are five tips to ensure your beard says “well- groomed” and not, well… “Castaway” (unless you’re stranded on a desert island of course).

Grown Man Beard Beard Wash

1. Cleanse

You need to wash your beard to remove the build up of dead skin cells and the accumulation of dirt.

How often you wash your beard depends on your skin type; if you have oily skin, you may need to wash it every few days. If you have less oily skin then every three to four days might be more appropriate.

“And I can just use my regular shampoo, right?” Wrong!

Beard hair tends to be drier; regular shampoo will only strip it of precious moisture, as it is too acidic. You will need a gentler shampoo made specifically for beards.

2. Moisturize

When you grow a beard, the skin underneath doesn’t disappear – it still needs to be looked after. Ensure you nourish the skin by using a beard oil, and keep it moisturized with a conditioner. This will prevent your skin from becoming flaky (beard-dandruff is never a good look).

Grown Man Beard Grooming

3. Groom

After you have completed your skincare routine, gently comb your beard. Use a tool designed specifically for the job, so that it moves smoothly, detangling your beard, without snagging it. A carefully created wood beard pick is ideal. If your hair is dry and brittle, take extra care to avoid breaking it.

4. Invest

High quality products are gentler and more effective than their cheaper counterparts, after all, like with most things, you get what you pay for.

5. Patience

Growing a beard is a long-term commitment, it takes time for you to start noticing progress. At first your beard may appear patchy or it may feel itchy, this is normal. Follow the steps above and you will soon have a beard to be proud of – a Grown Man Beard.

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