Founder/CEO of Grown Man Beard products.

My Story

I grew up around bearded, manly men who worked hard to support their families. The beards were a way of life but there was really no products made for beards. I had always had some sort of facial hair. Growing up I always experimented with oils for my facial hair. I would go to health stores and buy all kinds of oils.

After a lot of trial and error, I found a base formula using premium oils that did wonders for my beard. I gave some to my bearded friends , and they all loved it so much they asked me to start selling it to them. So the adventure began! Covid came and I was laid off work from my 9 to 5 so I decided to make Grown Man Beard an official product.To this day I still use the same premium oils that I used in the small batches for myself when I first started and I believe the quality will blow you away. I hope you enjoy my beard products as much as I do. GMB!!

Donald Williams

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