About Grown Man Beard

Grown Man Beard has become a household name for bearded guys everywhere.

Proudly sporting the GMB apparel and beard grooming products. I am always excited to hear the wonderful reviews and from pleased clients.
It is estimated that about 55 percent of men around the world have some type of facial hair. I have spent the last 30 years focusing on my own facial hair and later creating grooming products to enhance the health and appearance of my beard. Just not to long ago there were not any type of grooming products for men’s facial hair. About 15 years ago I began making my own. I used all-natural essential oils and  experimented with them.
 With the arrival of the pandemic, I decided to launch a men’s beard product line as a business hence the creation of Grown Man Beard   I share what I know about facial hair care through consultations with new and potential customers. 
Grown Man Beard (GMB) currently offers beard wash, beard oil, beard butter, conditioner, and a wooden pick for combing beards. “I just wanted to give men a product to have confidence in themselves. My product ideas, I want you to look good so you feel good,” he says. “My product does not  discriminate. Lastly, all the ingredients I use have health benefits for the hair and skin.
Watch out for more men products in the near future.

Donald Williams
President | Grown Man Beard

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